From Ethical Codex of the Croatian Librarianship Society

The Croatian Librarianship Society invites librarians to follow the principles stated in the present Codex:

  1. the highest level of professional activities in accordance with appropriate international and Croatian professional standards aimed at improving library activities;
  2. the development and maintenance of intellectual freedom of an individual and protection of the basic democratic principles of a wider society;
  3. the acknowledgment of the rights to knowledge and free access to information for everyone;
  4. the availability of various types of materials and sources for all groups of users;
  5. the respect of copyright;
  6. the respect of user’s privacy;
  7. the protection and promotion of Croatian and the world cultural heritage…

In order to follow the above-mentioned general principles, librarians are obliged to act professionally, in particular paying their attention to:

  • equal access to information for all users, regardless their personal characteristics, special needs, sex, nationality, religion, political belief and social status;
  • making professional judges, with no influences of political, moral and religious viewpoints or material interests;
  • opposition to censorship and rejection of any form of censorship;
  • respect of the rights to user’s confidentiality and anonymity;
  • keeping the reputation, dignity and integrity of profession;
  • continuous professional training and behaviour, both to colleagues and to users…