Regulations on house rules


(No. 43-18/07)

After being entered in the register, you are given the right to use direct services provided by the library:

Every citizen of the Republic of Croatia or foreigner who is temporarily living in Rovinj can become a member if he/she is entered in the register, accepts the obligations stated in the Regulations on terms and ways of using library sources and services, and receives his/her annual or temporary membership card.

Upon entering in the register, you are liable to show a valid personal document with the details about the place of your permanent or temporary living as well as the place and date of your birth (ID card, report book, matriculation book, passport or any other document).

A member is liable to let the staff know if he/she changes the place of living/staying or any other important personal information.

If you want to be entered in the register or renew your membership status, you should pay a membership fee as stated in the list of services’ prices (further: price list).

The membership status is valid 1 (one) year, i.e. 365 days after the registration date.

The membership card cannot be used by anyone else. A member is liable to show his/her membership card any time he/she comes to the library.

If a member loses his/her membership card, he/she is liable to inform the library staff about this.

The library head may decide on someone’s membership expiration.

In the library rooms, you are not allowed to smoke, talk too loudly, ‘roll’ or move in a similar way, take with you food or drinks and consume them there, unless you are not in the special area reserved for such activities. You are not also allowed to bring animals into the rooms unless you are not to be followed by them as a person with special needs.

While staying in the library, members are liable to leave their personal belongings and clothes in an appropriate place.

Members are liable to use the needed sources carefully, keep the furniture and fittings, and follow the rules on using electronic and other equipment. They are not allowed to tear or fold pages, write on materials, highlight text, or damage books and other sources.
A member is responsible for damaging materials or devices, so we recommend him/her to check the previous conditions before he/she borrows them.

It is possible to borrow books and use services available at the library only if you show your membership card.

So much valuable books, newspapers, magazines, references and materials belonging to special collections cannot be borrowed outside the library.

Newspapers, magazines and other periodical editions can be borrowed only with a special permission given by the library head.

A member is allowed to borrow 1-5 items at one time.

Library materials can be borrowed for 30 days, but the period can be prolonged. After that, overdue charge is paid – per book and per day (see the prices).

The same materials cannot be borrowed more than twice, not later than one (1) day before the expiration date.

If a member does not return a book 30 days after the date when it was borrowed, the library issues the first warning letter. The second warning letter is sent 45 days after the date when it was borrowed, and the third warning letter is sent 60 days after the date when it was borrowed.

A member is also warned by phone to return the book. If he/she refuses to return the book even after that, the library staff member is allowed to ask for the book to be returned upon visiting a member at his/her home address.

If a member neglects the above-mentioned warnings, judicial proceedings start aimed at having the books returned to the library holdings.

Parents/guardians are responsible for the books and other materials borrowed by members under 18.

People who have not returned books and other sources lose the rights to borrow materials and use other services until they square all their accounts with the library.

In case of a damaged or lost material, a member is primarily liable to buy a new one or pay for its price, as well as to pay overdue charge for the period since the book was not returned.

If a member needs some books from other libraries for his/her educational, scientific or professional purposes, he/she can get them thanks to the inter-library lending service. This service is paid by the real costs and price list.

Rovinj, February 1st 2007