The Matthias Flacius Illyricus Public Library was established in 1985/1986. The activities prior to its official opening started on 1st July 1986 but it was open to the audience in early April 1987.

Since then, it has belonged to the range of national libraries within the Croatian system of libraries.

It is situated in the very city centre, in the Maria Antonia Villa, located in Domenico Pergolis Street which is named after the famous doctor and benefactor from Rovinj. However, hardly one third of the entire edifice surface is available to the library.

According to the type of libraries it belongs to, the Public Library continues a wonderful and important tradition of librarianship in Rovinj.

Since its establishment to 1998, it was a part of the National University of Rovinj. From 1998 to 2006 it covered library activities at the Open University Extension of the City. During the first 10 years, up to 1996, only one librarian was employed, and then the two of them until the library became an independent institution.

Mr Luciano Stuparic has been its great friend and the most important donator so far.

Boris Biletic