Registration fee (no more than 2 titles) = HRK 100
Registration fee (3-5 titles) = HRK 150
Registration fee with bonus (no more than 2 titles / pupils, students, unemployed and
retired people) = HRK 80
Registration fee for foreign citizens = HRK 200
One-day registration fee* = HRK 20
One-month registration fee = HRK 30
Three-months registration fee = HRK 50

For preschoolers registration is free

Overdue charge (per day and per book) = HRK 0.50
Overdue charge (per CD/DVD a day) = HRK 5

Overdue charge (each time after being warned) = HRK 30
Book damage charge = HRK 100
Reservation fee = HRK 10 per title / fiction
Reservation fee = HRK 5 per title / professional literature
Interlibrary lending fee = HRK 50 + postage
New membership card = HRK 10

Internet services for members = HRK 15 / 60 min.
Internet services = HRK 30 / 60 min.
1 page printed from Internet** = HRK 1
1 page printed and scanned = HRK 5

Photocopying fee*** 1/A4 = HRK 1
Photocopying fee 2/A4 = HRK 1.50
Photocopying fee 1/A3 = HRK 2
Photocopying fee 2/A3 = HRK 3

– materials can be borrowed within 30 days or longer (not valid for readers and reserved materials)
– AV materials can be borrowed within 5 days but not longer
– registration fee is valid for one year after the registration date
– adults / people above 18 can be registered only upon showing their personal documents (identity card, passport, etc.)
– persons under 18 can be registered only upon showing the documents of their parents/tutors
– when trying to get registered and if asked by librarians, members need to provide all the required data and to guarantee their validity
– if any book is lost, member(s) must purchase a new one
– members must show their membership cards every time when they come to the library

*people who are not residents (permanent residence in Rovinj), are liable to leave one of their valid documents until they return book(s)
**no more than 10 pages printed from the Internet
***no more than 20 pages photocopied

Rovinj, July, 2010

Regulations on terms and ways of using library sources and services

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